Jack Rabbit
Animal Details
Jack rabbit single Level Unlocked 1

LevelsCollec 01

Cost of Animal FREE
Cost to Complete Family Coins2
Area Critters burrow
Jack rabbit single Jack rabbit singleJack rabbit single Jack rabbit singleJack rabbit singleJack rabbit single Jack rabbit singleJack rabbit singleJack rabbit singleJack rabbit single
30 Coins2 60 Coins2 99 Coins2 138 Coins2
Bonded Payout 180 Coins2
Collects every 30 seconds
Reward for Completing Family XP
Cost to Breed  FREE
Breeds in  5 seconds 
Instant Breed Zoo bucks
Cost to Bond FREE
Bonds in  30 seconds
Instant Bond Zoo bucks
Static Animation
Jack rabbit single Jack rabbit an
Hops around, kicking out its legs.
Crossbreeding Jack Rabbit with other animals:
Parent 2 Cost Crossbreeds in Outcome

Gazelle single

600.000 Coins2 11 hours

Jackalope single

Musk Ox single

2.500 Coins2 30 minutes

Flemish Giant Rabbit single

Squirrel single

29 Zoo bucks 8 hours

Chinchilla single

Halloween zombie

38 Zoo bucks 10 minutes

Zombie Jackrabbit single

Blue butterfly single

1.000 Coins2 10 hours

Sugar glider single

Crossbreeding Jack Rabbit:
Jack Rabbit is not a crossbred animal and can only be purchased through the Market.
Jack Rabbit is part of the Welcome Aboard! and Furry Friends collections.
Additional Pictures

Jack rabbit goal1 modal

Jack rabbit goal2 modal

Jack rabbit goal3 modal

Jack rabbit goal4 modal

30 second bonding modal
Further Information

Hares and Jackrabbits are leporids most common in Europe and North America.

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