Cubby Patch Expansions

The zoo can be expanded like this:
Unlock Level Category Shop Cost Collect XP Building Time Insta Build
10 Playpen Jr Coins2 2.000 50 Instantly 50 Zoo bucks

TinyCo increased the size, with the latest update to version 2.4.1.
Tiny zoo should let you expand your cubby patches like you do with your zoo.

Sign your tiny id on this list if you agree.

1. Yfdgdfg 2. Mario9000 3. Dyloka 4.Aj041700 5.S2H Safari 6.shivay 7. Kraai 8. careltje 9. djjarrett88 10. Evets123 11. MrMoeJoe11 12. Tinyzoo 13. JenniLynn 14. forever810 15. Pnut 16.buterslap

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