• Diszxchat

    As you know, there is a hack that modify the bucks/cash and coins higher.

    As far as I'm concerned, I decided to rip all the files of my zoo and checking the possibility to see if it's possible to add limited animals or normal animals into the game (ONLY for animals that can't be purchased currently. Limited time seems to be only affected by the updates. Not the game itself).

    • In order to rip the files, you are required to have your IPhone or IPad JAILBREAK. Recommend to search up for a tutorial. Not daring? Then I suggest not to do that to your phone.
    • IFunbox

    Upon ripping the files, you will find these folders:

    • Documents - There's nothing in there. (For this game)
    • Library - Mostly contains assets and files
    • tmp - as in Temporary. There's nothing in t…

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  • 5miley2

    Not Happy

    October 8, 2014 by 5miley2

    Is anyone having trouble with iPhone 6??? I recently transferred my Tiny Zoo Friends game from an iPhone 5s to an iPhone 6.Here are the issues:  - the game crashes after about 30 seconds and does not add anything I collect, even when I press collect all. - I had gained all 53 expansions yet it only allows 170 animals to be placed in zoo. I have deleted and reloaded the game several times and still have the same problems.

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  • BazingaZoo

    Hi There!

    It's been a while, but I am still playing Tiny Zoo. I am in the last task for the Epic Goal and still trying to complete all the collections. One task I can already write of my To Do List. Crossbreeding Animals. I have got them all!!

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  • Cutieq
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  • BazingaZoo

    Cash Cubbies Complete

    September 1, 2013 by BazingaZoo

    Hi There!

    I wanted to keep you posted on my quest to collect all the Cash Cubbies. I did not have enough Zoo Bucks when the animals were introduced so I was very excited that they came back for a limited time. Afraid that I would be too late again I bought an extra Cubby Nest for 99 Zoo Bucks in order to get them all at once.

    Now that they are walking happily in my Cubbie Patch. Too bad you cannot see them when you visit my Zoo so I wanted to post some pictures of my Cubby Patch for you to see.

    Strangely the Cash Cubby Kangaroo is not visible when it is asleep. But when you "cahs in" it hops nicely into the Cubby Patch. ;-)

    Hope they will come with new Cash Cubbies in the next few months!

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  • BazingaZoo

    Star Nosed Mole

    September 1, 2013 by BazingaZoo

    Hi There!

    One of the most expensive animals in the Tiny Zoo "Shop" is the Star Nosed Mole. When you have to pay for them all at a regular price the pay/cost ration is way off, but sometimes the offers might come in handy.

    I got my first Star Nosed Mole for free! With the "First Animal Free Offer". Then I waited for the "Second Free Offer" But that one never came around again. So I was very excited when the "Family Completion Sale" came around. I completed as much expensive fa,ilies as I could, but ofcourse I had to start with the Star Nosed Mole! :-)

    So in the end I got this family complete for 163.500.000 Zoo Coins. Next step: Bonding!

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  • RedDiana

    On my list of Planets animals is the starlight pegasus, but it is locked. It says to play a minigame to unlock it. What minigame?  It's not in the Frog Pond, because I won the Grand Prize. Anybody know?

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  • Malicea1
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  • BazingaZoo

    Coin Cubbies Expert

    April 10, 2013 by BazingaZoo

    Hi There!

    Last week I enjoyed the 30 Seconds Cubby Sale. I had some room left in my Cubby Patch and started to fill in the free spots with new cubbies. A nice extra was the completion of my Cubby Collection. But then I ran out of space but I still did not have all the available coin Cubbies. When you buy more than 20 Cubbies in one row you want to finish what you started. ;-)

    So I started to take out the Cubbies who earned the least amount of Zoo Coins and kept on going. The result is over 80 milliion on Zoo Coins spend, but all the Coins Cubby Collections complete!

    For every Cubby Collection you complete you'll get a trophy. But in order to get all the Coin Cubbie related trophies I had to buy a different amount of Cubbies per kind. In order…

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  • Mashall5543

    Cash cow Piggy bank Golden goose Lady Luck fairy Fortune Pegasus Golden fish Fortune unicorn Fortune Phoenix Bucks lion Bucks peacock Bucks Cupid Gold and silver doves Bucks Giraffe

    They are all buck givers the cheaper the cashback animal the less bucks the animal will give the more expensive the cashback animal is the more bucks it will give the gold and silver doves give a bonded payout of 19 bucks!!! And they only cost only 399 bucks which isn't a lot but to get the you have to get a bucket of bucks to get the first one free and the fortune Phoenix is second free which makes the buck payout a total of 4 bucks and the first buck Phoenix costs 699 bucks!!!! And the cashback cubbies costs 1499 bucks there was a cashback cubby kangaroo the…

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  • BazingaZoo

    CashBack Cubbies

    February 28, 2013 by BazingaZoo

    Hi There!

    It's been a while since I posted a blog here. Busy Busy Busy. ;-)

    I saw the 30% Cubbie Sale and bought three of them. When I did I saw that the 30% Off was only for the first purchase, not the second when you choose a specific CashBack Cubbie to grow. Offcourse that was a bit of a dissapointment, but I am still happy with them. Not as happy as with my "regular" CashBack Animals, but happy enough.

    The reason is that you can visit another persons zoo, but not another persons Cubbie Patch. Why is that? Should be possible to build in the game I think.

    Anyway...... Because you can not travel to my Cubbie Patch, I made a picture of them so I can show them here. :-)

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  • Brennen07

    Below is a list of Cash back animals/cubbys that will give you more bang for your bucks!

    Note: This list is after all Bonding and everything!

    Cubby's are just for 1 of them.

    List is arranged by the best to the worst!

    Golden Fish
    Fortune Pegasus
    Cubby Giraffe/Cubby Turtle
    Golden Goose
    Bucks Peacock
    Bucks Dragon/Fortune Phoenix
    Piggy Bank
    Lady Luck Fairy
    Cash Cow
    Cubby Octopus
    Cubby Kangaroo/Cubby Lion
    Bucks Lion/Bucks Giraffe

    Want Know how i calculated this?

    Well this is my code:


    So lets take the Piggy Bank for Example...
    Each one cost 399 ZB and we can have 4 Animals and 1 Family Bonding so the total cost would be 1,995 ZB!
    The Payout is 14 after all the Bonding and everything!
    The Animal gives ZB every 20 hours so here is the calculations...…

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  • TinyDragons98

    Blank Animal Page

    January 3, 2013 by TinyDragons98

    Not all information on this blog is correct. This is used for testing purposes.

    Animal Details
    Level Unlocked



    Cost to Complete Family



    XP XP  XP  XP
    Bonded Payout

    Collects every

    Reward for Completing Family

    Cost to Breed

    Breeds in 

    Instant Breed

    Cost to Bond

    Bonds in 

    Instant Bond

    Static Animating

    Crossbreeding  with other animals:
    Parent 2 Cost Crossbreeds in Outcome

    Crossbreeding :
    Parent 1 Parent 2 Cost Crossbreeds in


    Additional Pictures

    Further Information
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  • TinyDragons98

    Animal Page Testing

    January 3, 2013 by TinyDragons98

    Not all information on this blog is correct. This is used for testing purposes.

    Animal Details
    [[]] Level Unlocked 1

    Cost of Animal FREE
    Cost to Complete Family 0 
    Area [[|150px]]

    [[|20px]] [[|20px]][[|20px]] [[|20px]][[|20px]][[|20px]] [[|20px]][[|20px]][[|20px]][[|20px]]
    30  60  99  138 
    2  4  6  8 
    Bonded Payout 180 
    Collects every 30 seconds
    Reward for Completing Family 2 

    Cost to Breed  FREE
    Breeds in  5 seconds 
    Instant Breed 1 
    Cost to Bond FREE
    Bonds in  30 seconds
    Instant Bond 1 

    Static Animation
    [[|Jack Rabbit|70px]]

    Hops around, kicking out its legs.

    Crossbreeding  with other animals:
    Parent 2 Cost Crossbreeds in Outcome


    600.000 11 hours



    2.500  30 minutes



    29 …

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  • Zzuperzoo

    Election Day...

    November 6, 2012 by Zzuperzoo

    It will be tragic if Tiny Zoo does not put out a Republican Elephant and a Democrat Donkey today.

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  • Webharmony

    Bonding Bonus

    October 31, 2012 by Webharmony

    I just paid a goodly sum of Zoo Bucks to bond my Fortune Pegasus family so that I could get the 50% bonus on their 10 Zoo Bucks daily payout.  I now recieve 13 Zoo Bucks each day.  My math skills aren't stellar, but that seems a lot closer to 33% rather than 50% to me.

    Has anyone else had a similar experience?


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  • TinyDragons98

    TD98's Animal Designs

    October 14, 2012 by TinyDragons98

    Hello! I've decided to make my very own "ideas" page for all of my designs. I hope everyone likes them. I also post my ideas on Tiny Zoo's facebook fan page. You'll probably find that I LOVE drawing peacocks when scrolling through my drawings. Some of my ideas have been used by TinyCo, like the Paintbrush Peacock, Paint Kitten, and Bucks Peacock, who's TinyZoo appearances are posted below. Hope you like my ideas! :)

    Name of Animal: Paintbrush Peacock
    • Animal: Peacock
    • rainbow feathers
    • purple paint poured on head
    • rainbow assortment of paintbrushes
    • miniature painbrushes on head
    • Paintbrush Peacock in the Game:

    Name of Animal: Paint Kitten
    • Animal: Cat
    • pink fur
    • red, green, yellow, and blue paint splatters around body
    • large paintbrush wi…

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  • TravelBitten

    I really don't know if I will ever upgrade Tiny Zoo ever again as I don't know if I will ever be able to play the game again.

    Like a good zooster, I upgraded the latest new version that was available at the end of August. Wow was I impressed, I really liked the "collect all" button! All I remember after that was I leveled up another level but shortly after, I was not able to load the game to play. Hopefully the rest of this blog will help you troubleshoot and solve any challenges you may have in the future.

    I tried everything... the force close; the power off and on; the delete and reinstall. I even deleted and reinstalled the game at least 3 times before contacting TinyCo support. Support's first "real" response was to tell me to troubleshoo…

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  • BazingaZoo

    Give me what you promised!

    September 19, 2012 by BazingaZoo

    Hi there!

    As you might know, I completed the CashCow Family a couple of days ago. But I still didn't receive the 200 Zoo Bucks from Tiny Co for doing so.

    As you can see in the picture I had still some time left (about 42 years).

    So please Tiny Co. Give me what you promised! ;-)

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  • BazingaZoo

    Complete Cash Cow Family

    September 13, 2012 by BazingaZoo

    I saved up a lot of Zoo Bucks to complete my Cash Cow Family, but was waiting for a Breeding Promo and save some Zoo Bucks. They are expensive enough (509 Zoo Bucks each) to wait for a sale. But the last two Breeding Sale Promo's only gave a 30 Second Breeding Promo. The Breeding Promo before that gave a 25% Discount as well. And before that there even was a 50% Off Breeding Sale.

    So for the last couple of months I was waiting for a nice breeding sale which didn't come. That's not only too bad because of the Zoo Bucks I wanted to save, but as well for the Completion Promo I did not take. In the beginning there was 200 Zoo Bucks return when you completed the family. But with the last promo's in mind, a 25% Off Breeding Sale would have given …

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  • Hollywoodzoo1


    September 9, 2012 by Hollywoodzoo1

    pigs go oink oink people love that!

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  • Hollywoodzoo1


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  • Hollywoodzoo1

    Fairy Dragon

    September 9, 2012 by Hollywoodzoo1
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  • Hollywoodzoo1

    Tiny Zoo

    September 8, 2012 by Hollywoodzoo1

    Tiny zoo Cubbies

    I have 197 cubbies

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  • Beppev800

    problem ver 2.4

    September 6, 2012 by Beppev800

    after the upgrade the game don't start more!!!! now??? i lost all my bonus

    who can help me????

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  • BazingaZoo

    Full Cubby Patch

    September 3, 2012 by BazingaZoo

    Hi there!

    It's been a while that I posted a Tiny Zoo blog on this wiki. Lots has changed. For instance I love the new "Collect All" feature. But there is something that I expected a bit sooner. Sure, the suggestions made here are not in any way a "must do" voor Tiny Co, but I thought that the possibility of expanding my Cubby Patch would be one of the first things they would pick up (too) in the latest update. I still love the game and (again) I love the things they did put in the latest update, but writing the code for expanding the Cubby Patch should not be so much different as the one they allready use for expanding the "normal" zoo (I think).

    Since the 30 second Cubby Promo, my Cubby Patch is more than full. Resulting in the situation of…

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  • Annacondazzz

    Annacondazzz's Blog

    August 26, 2012 by Annacondazzz

    I get to write what I want... COOL!!!!

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  • Owenc711

    Tiny Zoo ID: OwenCutter

    August 4, 2012 by Owenc711

    recruit me! you will receeive 10 zoo buck and i give tips everyday!

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  • Bonals

    5 star zoo

    July 27, 2012 by Bonals

    How many collections and labs are needed to reach 5 stars. I have all the others up to 5. These two are 4 1/2. I have 19 labs and 21 collections.

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  • CashCowUnlimitedForce

    Something weird happened when I got into my zoo I got 15555555500000 bucks for some reason I decided to buy something so I got the white Siberian tiger but the screen said you don't have enough DevilBuckz I was making a face thinking what is DevilBuckz? Then I found out 10 minutes later from some guy named Joe it was all over the tiny zoo news!!! That DevilBuckz killed zoo bucks!!!! So we can only buy DevilBuckz animals now which were devil kitty, devil dog, and devil dragon then 10 hours later I went back to my zoo and I had 10,000 bucks I was like hope this isnt another trick!! So I decided to buy the white Siberian tiger again it let me have it!!!!! The note said you won 10,000 free zoo bucks because you helped get the zoo bucks back!!!…

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  • CashCowUnlimitedForce

    Starting arounnd march 2012 the first ever animal that actually gives out ZOO BUCKS!!!! very special moment on tiny zoo never happened before Everyone was so excited they forced their parents to spend $50.00 on 725 bucks so they can get the cash cow!!! Now a lot of people are happy with the cash cow :)

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  • TinyZooFan1

    I accidentally deleted the celebration ferret

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  • BazingaZoo


    My name is BazingaZoo. I posted and changed a couple of things on this Wiki for the last couple of months as an anonymous "Wiki Contributer" but made a profile today, because I wanted to add an picture on a page.

    Now I have this account and "wall" I can post another picture I wanted to share a couple of months ago.

    This picture shows my scariest Tiny Zoo moment. An empty Zoo!!! My heart skipped a beat. I thought I lost everything!!! After a couple of minutes my game was fine again, but when I saw an empty Zoo I could press the collect thingie (some of them were there with all the empty habitats), but no money was added to my account. After a couple of times my game crashed

    Strange to see your Zoo empty. Like all the animals were taking a h…

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  • Krondogg

    My front page of tinyzoowiki has not updated since June 17th. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

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  • Krondogg

    Android update?

    June 3, 2012 by Krondogg

    Does anyone know if or when they will fully update the android version of Tinyzoo? I want to be able to store animals, do collections and get cool animals that give you zoo bucks like the cash cow, piggy bank and golden goose.

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  • Polinarose

    Medusa Zodiac Snake Peacock fairy

    COol animals I don't have

    Piggy bank

    Cash cow

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  • Mr.MoJoe

    Walrus verification

    January 3, 2012 by Mr.MoJoe

    Help needed,

    i have strange values ​​about the walrus. Can someone verify this values?

    Gain (For 1 Animal): 8.000
    XP: 800

    Thx Mr.MoJoe 07:35, January 3, 2012 (UTC)

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  • RangerZo

    Animal Awards

    August 20, 2011 by RangerZo

    Hey Fellow Zoo Keepers!

    Cutest Animal: Harp Seal

    Scariest Animal: Werewolf

    Coolest Animal: Cool Polar Bear

    Most Unique Animal: Pink Fairy Armadillo

    Best Cross-Breed: T-rex

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  • LonelyDM


    August 8, 2011 by LonelyDM

    Tiny ID: DandilionKG

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  • Romelez

    My zoo

    June 30, 2011 by Romelez

    Zoo Id - ROMEL

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  • Kitzblitz

    Find me in Tiny Zoo

    May 19, 2011 by Kitzblitz

    TinyID: kitzblitz

    Zoo name: Tierpark

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  • Jens Ingels

    Picture status

    May 18, 2011 by Jens Ingels

    Jack rabit
    • Single: No
    • Double: Yes

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